Pool Spa Equipment

Pools spas and hot tubs require water that is clean, sanitized and heated. Once you've decided to add a spa or hot tub to your pool, you'll also need to get:

  • A water pump, which essentially takes water to and from the spa via the filtration system. Some spas are equipped with more than one pump.
  • A heater that warms the water and controls the water temperature.
  • Jets, hydrojets or air bubblers that are driven by the pump. The number of jets and the variety of features available will depend on your preference and budget.
  • A filter to entrap all dirt and debris.
  • An air blower that pushes air through tiny holes located in the floor, jets or bubbler ring. The blower creates the bubbles that give spas and hot tubs their massaging motion.

Many pool spas and hot tubs come with the various pieces of additional equipment required. As well, spa equipment is sold in skid packs or spa packs that contain matching equipment pieces.

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