Pool Spas

Pool spas are a fun and practical design element to add to your backyard haven.

Pool spas are similar to traditional hot tubs, since both use powered jets to create soothing motion in the water. Pool spas can be part of an inground pool design or above-ground freestanding structures, and can be purchased pre-fab or custom-made.

If you are building an inground pool, you can attach a neighboring pool spa either on the same level or at a different level - or even place the spa in another location away from the pool itself. One advantage of having a pool spa attached to your pool is that they are able to share similar pieces of equipment, such as a heater.

Inground pool spas can be found in almost any shape, size and style ranging from simple square versions to larger octagonal ones lined with hand-painted tiles. They are usually built using the same materials used in pool construction - fiberglass, cement or gunite, which is a mix of sand and cement.

Freestanding hot tubs are above-ground barrel-shaped containers. Hot tubs can hold anywhere from 300 to 1000 gallons of water and can be made to seat 1-12 people.

Hot tub shapes are either round, oval or rectangular. Some have straight sides for seating while others are slanted for a more relaxed recline. Built-in lighting and stereo options are also available and popular today.

Hot tubs and pool spas require equipment such as a heater, pump and filter which clean, sanitize and warm the water. For unique water effects, air bubblers and hydrojets spray air and or water into the tub.

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