Pool Surfaces

Certain pools can have a finishing surface of concrete, plaster, tiles, painted plaster, paint or some contain a vinyl liner. Some concrete, gunite, shotcrete and fiberglass pools can feature different surfaces.

Pool paint comes in a variety of different colors and types made specifically for different surfaces. Epoxy, chlorinated or synthetic rubber and water based paint are all common products. The type of paint which can and should be used depends on the type of pool surface both whether it is a brand new pool or whether it already has a coating on it. Some paints and surfaces may also require a primer and/or multiple coats and many require the surface be either specially cleaned or sanded.

Plaster or marcite is also a popular swimming pool surface. Plaster can be in traditional white although many other colors are now available which increase the aesthetic appeal of a plaster finish. Some plaster surfaces mix marble or quartz to specifically add unique color and texture to the pool's wall and floor.

Pool tiles today are commonly made out of ceramic or porcelain. There are numerous design options available as the decorative motifs and rich colors available in either handcrafted or machine reproduced tiles is extensive. The tiles also come in different sizes and can have unique placement designs.

Pebble finishes are also common among North American swimming pools. Most pebble pool surfaces use soft natural pebbles that are kept together with a specific cement mixture. Pebble finishes normally combine different tones, types and colors of pebbles for endless decorative options.

When deciding on a pool surface you will want to consider the price of the surface, and whether it is a viable option with your pool type. Whether the surface is durable, how long it will last and how much it will cost to repair or replace are other important things to consider. The color, texture, resistance to fading and how it affects pool chemistry as well as its ability to be cleaned are all crucial aspects requiring consideration.

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