Pool Test Kits

Pools need to be properly tested to ensure that the right chemical doses are put in the water to keep it germ-free.

Swimming pool test kits often come in large portable cases with a variety of testing equipment and charts and guides to assist you in analyzing the test results. With a chemical test kit you take a sample from the pool, put in the appropriate number of chemical drops or tablets depending on the type of test and then analyze the color of the chemically treated water.

There are a wide range of kits on the market. As an example, one may test for pH and bromine while another is able to test for chlorine, calcium hardness, pH and total alkalinity as well as numerous other tests. Testing kits have become less popular as some find the task of measuring and analyzing the water difficult and some are discouraged by the health hazards and danger of working with certain chemicals used in certain kits.

Disposable swimming pool test strips have become more popular. Similar to testing kits, disposable strips allow you to perform a myriad of different tests. The method of testing requires that you just put the testing strip in the water for a certain amount of time and then match the results to a chart that in some cases appears on the bottle label. Testing strips come as single tests, 3-in-1, 4-in-1 or even 6-in-1 versions.

Swimming pool test strips normally come in bottles of 50 or 100 strips. A bottle of 50 strips that perform three tests per strip will costs upwards of $10.

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