Pool Tiles

Pool tiles are a great way to add some distinctive touches to your backyard pool. Pool tile textures range from the very smooth to the rougher and patterns can range from multi-colored art deco tiles to simple floral designs. Pool tiles today can even mimic granite or marble if that is the look you want.

Pool tiles are also used for fountains, patios, and coping. A tiled coping accents the top edge of the pool, offering the same effect to that of a wallpaper border. Coping also unifies the pool's edge with the surrounding patio.

Pool tiles can be made of porcelain or ceramic. It is important that you choose a tile that is labeled suitable for a swimming pool. It should be a non-slip tile, durable and resistant to breakage in cold climates.

Decorative or hand-painted tiles are offered by many online artisans. You will have no problem finding someone who can paint scenery, animals and flowers. Some artists will let you choose the color and motif while others have a large portfolio of hand-painted tiles to choose from.

Mosaic tiles, which are artistic designs made of very small ceramic pieces, truly give a pool panache. As an alternative, instant pool art emblems are great for people who don't have the time and money needed for a mosaic masterpiece. Made of vinyl, they sit on the floor without any adhesive, much like a bathtub mat.

Removable pool art is easy to remove and resemble a tiled mural. Instant art is a great choice for the consumer who wants a quick new look at a low price, since prices start at around $30.

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