Pool Towels

Pool towels are a must have for anyone heading to the beach or lounging around the pool. They are not only a necessity for drying off, but if large and comfortable enough are perfect to put down on the sand to lie or sit on. Pool towels can be also used as a comfortable cushion for lounging in a chaise chair.

Pool towels are made of cotton terry which is also called terry cloth and sometimes interwoven with velour or silk. Size is important as you want the towel to be large enough to be suitable for a variety of functions but at the same time you probably want it light enough to carry with you.

Pool blankets can be found equipped with a pillow and one model is attached to and easily goes in a drawstring bag for ultimate convenience. Pillows for true beach relaxation and comfort are also available on-line. Some pillows you inflate with air, while others are filled with sand.

Pool towels can depict jungle scenery, a large sunflower or have bright fluorescent stripes. Some pool towels even come with handles so it is very easy to carry after you roll it up another product offered is a towel that has elastic corners that will fit the sides of a pool or beach chair. A basic pool towel will cost between $8 and $24.

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