Exercise Pools

Exercise pools, also referred to as swim-in-place pools or fitness pools, are a great way to workout without having to head for the nearest beach or public pool!

Exercise pools generate a current so that you can exercise in them while staying in one place. They come equipped with a pump, heater and a system that thrusts water forward. The pool's system also circulates the water around the pool. They have extensive temperature and water flow controls for comfort enhancement.

For a variety of exercise options, some exercise pools have underwater treadmills built into them while other brands offer underwater treadmills and bikes separately.

Exercise or fitness pools can be made of wood with a fiberglass surface or with a steel frame and vinyl liner. The price of a basic exercise pool is upwards of $19,000. Custom versions and those with more elaborate features cost more.

Swim spas are similar to exercise pools. These also contain water-propelling units for swimming and exercise. They also have seats for relaxation, similar to a hot tub. Swim spas are great if you wish to combine working out with relaxation.

Wall-mounted exercise systems transform any pool into a great spot to exercise. These treadmill water systems can be mounted onto the walls of existing pools. After hiring an electrician to hook up the device, jets will propel water in your pool making it suitable for exercising or hydrotherapy. A wall-mounted exercise system for your existing pool will cost upwards of $2,800.

Lap pools are custom-made inground pools that are long, narrow and relatively shallow. Without machinery, an inground lap pool is built for people who either don't have the space for a large pool or who only wish to use the pool for exercise.

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