Natural Pools

Natural pools have captivated both Europeans and North American homeowners alike. Creating a natural environment in one's backyard is a great way to unwind and relax after a long stressful day. A swimming pool is a perfect focal point for the creation of a nature inspired yard.

Natural pools in North America are architecturally designed to correspond with the pool's environment. Natural pools may incorporate rocks, waterfalls and beach entrances as important design essentials. Often surrounded by large boulders and stonework as well as indigenous shrubbery and flowers, natural pools aim to bring the natural environment into your own personal space.

Natural pools that have become popularized in Europe have an entirely different meaning. It is common for these pools to contain natural plants that sanitize the pool's water. In North America, this kind of pool is commonly referred to as a swimming pond.

Swimming ponds are becoming popular because they are easy and inexpensive to maintain, since they don't use chemicals and expensive filtering equipment. While a North American pool is constructed using fiberglass, gunite or using a vinyl liner, swimming ponds are often constructed using natural materials such as clay.

At first glance it looks like the swimmers in a natural pool will be swimming amongst lilies, but this is not the case. Pool water is separated from the plants and wildlife by rocks on the pool's bottom or by a barrier that essentially creates two separate pools.

Natural pools truly take a boring backyard and turn it into a natural oasis. Although critics are skeptical that the pool can sustain itself without chemicals and expensive equipment, others believe that a natural pool if designed correctly and installed properly can bring the wonder of nature into modern backyards.

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