Safety Pool Covers

Safety covers can be solid but most are often made out of a strong netted and braided mesh fabric. Unlike other pool covers one that is designed for safety will protect someone from entering the pool as they are securely fastened down and able to support large amounts of weight. They not only prevent someone from falling into the pool but also from sliding underneath.

Mesh is practical in that it is durable and strong and allows water to drip through. They also come in attractive colors including dark green and black.

Safety covers need to be fastened tightly as they are only as strong as their anchoring system. They often attach to an in ground pool deck via hooks or springs so it is imperative that you have enough decking around your pool to properly fasten the cover. Most manufacturers will specify the size of surrounding deck required. Most come with all of the springs, and fasteners and most are anchored into a deck but are normally easily concealed to avoid injury.

Some of the pre-fabricated covers have strict requirements of what can and cannot be on your surrounding deck. If you have certain types of steps, or pieces of your diving board that can't be removed then you may have to opt for a custom made version.

There are also solid safety covers available that are constructed out of a strong vinyl that have mesh openings that allow water to drain in these specific areas. This type of safety cover may come equipped with a pump to get rid of water so that the weight does not become extreme.

There are also many different pool alarm systems on the market to assist in adding an additional level of protection and safety.

Investigating local and national safety requirements is a good idea when deciding on what type of safety cover you should purchase. A standard mesh safety cover will normally cost upwards of $800 depending on the size shape and features of your pool.

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