Skamper Ramp

Pool safety for pets and wild animals

It's estimated that about 50,000 pets die by drowning every year. This doesn't even take into account the thousands of other wild creatures that share the same fate.

The Skamper Ramp was designed to prevent needless drownings of pets and wild animals in pools, lakes and even water troughs on farms and ranches. Both the regular and the Super Skamper Ramp are scientifically designed and tested pet ramps that can be installed almost anywhere, even on a boat, dock or hot tub.

Superior to most other similar dog ramps, Skamper Ramp attaches to metal D-rings and simply flips out into the water, allowing trapped animals an escape. It's gently sloping, with textured holes that create a non-slippery surface that pets and other animals can walk on with ease, and "scamper" to safety.

Skamper Ramp is made of light-weight polypropylene: a very strong, durable, yet light-weight plastic that can withstand all weather and seasons. It's chemical resistant, so you can use it in chlorinated pools without concern. It's also UV resistant, so sunshine won't damage it in any way, either.

One of the ramp's most important features is that it's deliberately manufactured only in white, with no other colors or printed words or designs. This, according to the company that makes Skamper Ramp, is because all animals, including insects, can see white—day or night—but not necessarily other colors. Pets and other critters are instinctively drawn to the white ramp when looking for an escape while floundering in water.

Besides the regular Skamper Ramp, there is also the newer Super Skamper Ramp. Basically, it's a longer version: a telescoping pet ramp for the water. Originally designed for larger breed dogs, the Super Skamper Ramp has an extension that pulls out further into the water. The company maintains that if a heavy dog or animal uses the ramp, it may bend in the center and look unsightly, but it will not break, and this bending does not affect the ramp's performance in any way.

Skamper Ramp makes an excellent dog boat ramp. It can be installed on the stern of a boat, and then you needn't worry if your pet likes to swim, or jumps overboard. Just flip it out into the water, and he'll always have a way back on board.

Of course, dogs aren't the only pets that might need use of a pool ramp. Cats often end up (usually unintentionally) in the drink as well. No doubt they'd appreciate a hasty exit from such a distasteful situation even more than the average dog.

Skamper Ramps are inexpensive; the basic dog ramp starts at around $39.00, while the deluxe Super Skamper Ramp starts at $99.00. Not a bad price to pay to save the life of a beloved member of your family: your pet.

And should you not need use of your Skamper Ramp anymore—it's recyclable.

By Laureen Manera

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