Pool Skimmers, Rakes, Poles & Brushes

Leaf skimmers or leaf rakes help to get debris and leaves out of a pool, and are an essential piece of poolside equipment. Leaf rakes tend to be deeper and can hold more debris than a leaf skimmer can.

Poles or telescoping poles often need to be purchased separately to fit the heads of a leaf skimmer or rake. Poles come in different lengths with different grips. Be sure that your skimmer or rake easily fits on to the end of the pole and make sure you buy a pole that is the appropriate length.

Aluminum frames with metal mesh to catch leaves and other debris are often more durable than plastic versions. Plastic models are certainly more affordable but tend not to last as long. Some have removable meshing, so that if it becomes ripped, it can be taken apart and the mesh can be replaced.

Pool brushes or wall brushes are great for scrubbing debris that is stuck on the pool's walls and floors There is not doubt that brushing the pool's floor will get it much cleaner, but be sure to buy a brush that is conducive to your pool flooring type. A brush should resist corrosion to ensure it will not stain your pool's walls and be the right material so as not to damage your pool's surface.

Hangers and wall hooks to mount the leave rakes and skimmers are also beneficial.

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