Spring Pool Opening

Spring pool opening is both an exciting time for pool owners and a dreaded task for many! Some pool owners prefer to hire a company to open their pool, while others choose to open it themselves.

There are pool testing kits specifically designed for pool openings and which contain all of the things that you will require to assist you in the process. Meanwhile, we have listed below some general guidelines and steps to help you open your pool this year: Keep in mind that chemicals should never be mixed (old, new or different kinds) and that you should always read carefully the manufacturers' instructions to be safe.

  • If you have a solid cover, you will probably have to start by pumping or draining the water off. During this process, you will probably have to simultaneously skimmer off some of the leaves and debris.
  • Ensure the winter cover is cleaned and folded properly for summer storage.
  • Ensure your leaf basket, drain and filter and pump are clean and functioning properly.
  • Remove excess debris and leaves that are floating on the top of you pool by using a skimmer.
  • Top up the pool with water.
  • Start the pool's pump and filtration system.
  • Use a cleaner or vacuum to assist with cleaning the water.
  • Many believe that shocking the pool is a good idea using products specially designed for this.
  • After a given time, algaecide may be needed depending on the content's in the pools water. (although the shock treatment should have rectified any algae)
  • After more time (see manufacturers' directions to ensure you have waited the appropriate time) check the pool levels including Ph, alkalinity and chlorine (or other sanitizer) levels and add to if necessary.
  • Only swim in the pool once the pool is clean and the chemical and other levels are appropriate.
  • Start regular maintenance
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