Pool Stabilizers & Conditioners

Stabilizers, also called conditioners, are used to enhance the efficiency of chlorine. Stabilizers also help minimize the amount of chlorine required in a pool's water.

Chlorine depletes more rapidly when exposed to sunlight. Stabilizers, comprised of cyanuric acid, help reduce the depletion of chlorine in the water.

Chlorine products that have a stabilizer built-in are called stabilized chlorine. Dichlor and trichlor are the two common types of stabilized chlorine.

Unstabilized chlorine requires a conditioner or stabilizer be put in the pool's water. Stabilizer purchased separately is normally added during the pool's opening and whenever water is added to the pool.

Stabilizers used in the proper dosage minimize the damaging effects that the sun has on chlorine. Experts recommend checking the stabilizer levels to ensure they are correct. Too much or too little stabilizer can be detrimental.

If levels are too high, then adding untreated pool water may help bring them back to a normal level.

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