Summer Hats

Whether you are going on a safari, heading out for a day at the beach or playing golf, a hat is an essential and fun summer accessory. Straw golf hats, cotton hats, visors and baseball caps are becoming ever more popular as more and more people are realizing the importance of protecting themselves against harmful rays. Hats not only make a statement, they will also keep you cooler on a scorching day.

Summer hats can be made of canvas, cotton, straw, raffia and bamboo. Some manufacturers even make synthetic hats that imitate straw.

Straw hats are ideal for summer wear. Straw hats come in many shapes and sizes and may features bows, bands of fabric or synthetic flowers. They can have flat or curled up brims some with straight and others with wavy sides. There are even straw cowboy hats available.

Cotton hats are offered in many different colors including beige, pink and white. They are easy to wash and great to carry around. For women there are bucket hats and more extravagant cotton ones with wide brims and bows. Some cotton hats are great for outdoor trekking that have long fabric pieces that will protect your neck and ears from the penetrating sun. Some have drawstring cords help to secure the hat on your head. There are also cotton hats which are more like a visor, that tie in the back with a large brim that protects against the sun.

Baseball hats are not only ideal for playing sports but have become a fashion trend worn on many different occasions. Many have adjustable snaps for an ideal fit.

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