Sunscreen is extremely important in protecting you from the sun's harmful rays. Sun exposure can cause skin damage and has been proven to drastically increase a person's chance of developing skin cancer.

Sunscreen or sunblock can be purchased as a lotion or spray. The type of sunscreen a person wears is dependent on the type of skin they have. The time and amount of sun as a result of the weather conditions will also affect the type of sunscreen needed. Some sunscreens are referred to as able 'broad spectrum' which means that they protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

Sunscreen or sunblock is labeled with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number that ranges from 2 to 50 and this number stipulates the level of protection it provides the wearer. Many experts believe that you should always wear sunscreen that has at least SPF of 15. It is very important that you determine what number you need to make sure that you are being adequately protected as in many cases SPF 15 may not be enough.

Lipscreen, sunglasses and hats provide more protection from the devastating effects of the sun. There are also several manufacturers of clothing that have specifically designed clothing that protects from the sun.

It is wise to purchase waterproof sunscreen and always best to read through and follow the manufacturer's directions. This will also give you a better understanding as to how long it will work and when you should re-apply. There is no doubt that re-applying sunscreen at the proper intervals is crucial.

A bottle or tube of sunblock on average will cost between $6-$15.

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