Swimming Pool Equipment

Swimming pool equipment is not visibly apparent to those enjoying your pool, but it is vital to the safe operation and maintenance of your pool.

Swimming pool pumps and filtration systems play an integral role in ensuring that the pool is clean. Pumps transfer water to and from the pool via a filter that sifts the water to ensure harmful remnants are cleaned out.

A pool heater is important for those who wish to swim on cooler days and nights and who want the luxury of extending their swimming season. A heater essentially carries water from the pool to a heater that warms the water before sending it back into the pool.

Pool cleaners and pool vacuums often use suction to grab dust and dirt either from the bottom of the pool or at its surface. Some pool cleaners go to the bottom to sweep and scrub the dirt that is tuck on the pool's floor.

Chemicals purify, sanitize and stabilize the pool's water and are essential to ensure that swimmers are safe by eliminating dangerous bacteria and ensuring the chemical levels are in check.

Swimming pool ionizers and ozone generators have become an environmentally friendly means of cleaning and sanitizing the pool's water.

Swimming pool covers are made to perform different functions throughout various times. Winter covers, solar covers and safety covers are all commonly used by swimming pool owners.

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