Pool Lighting

Pool lighting engineers and manufacturers have been innovatively keeping up with the expectations of modern pool owners. Lighting not only enables the pool to be used during the evening, but in most cases in is integral to the overall decorative design of a pool. Lighting can be built in your pool during installation, although some you can add on to an already existing in or above-ground model.

Underwater lighting consists of light fixtures placed underwater either in the floor or walls of the pool. Underwater lights are made with strong and resistant glass and often use halogen or incandescent bulbs. Underwater lighting rims can be made of stainless steel, plastic or chrome. They are offered in different volt and watt options and feature different cord lengths. Some prefer underwater lighting for its exceptional ability to offer a lot of lighting to a pool.

Solar lights work by capturing the sun's energy and as a result they do not use any costly electricity. Some are floatable while others have a long post similar to a torch that you simply put in the ground. Solar lighting often uses batteries and is offered in a variety of different designs and colors.

Fiber optic lighting has become an increasingly popular choice for many as it truly gives a pool extra panache. Fiber optic lights run through a cable that can be placed underwater or surround the pool's rim. The cable that carries the lighting does not use electricity; rather they are housed in an external component. Fiber optic lighting offers many unique fluorescent color options and offers the homeowner great versatility. In many cases, fiber optic lighting systems provide your pool with a mini-light show.

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