Swimming Pool Supplies

Swimming pool supplies are an important part of maintaining the safety and cleanliness of your pool. They not only play an important role in ensuring the health of a swimming pool's water but need to be used properly to preserve a pool's pumping and heating mechanisms.

Pool Chemicals are needed to keep the pool free of harmful germs and bacteria. Chlorine, bromine, algaecide, stabilizers, balancers and shocks are common chemical treatments used in pools.

Automatic chemical dispensers are practical and easy to use and will greatly assist you in distributing chemicals in a proper and timely fashion.

Testing kits or testing strips are a must have to ensure your swimming pool is adequately balanced and to find out what chemicals the pool requires.

There are many options available for swimming pool supplies. Your choice will greatly depend on your preference, needs and budget. By clicking on the links above you can immediately access leading online distributors of swimming pool supplies.

Replacement Pool Parts

It's an unfortunate fact of life that things break. You pool will provide you with hours and hours of enjoyment, but it will also cause frustration when parts of it break. Rather than going to your local pool shop to buy a replacement pool part, you may want to consider shopping online. If you order parts over the Internet, you can sometimes fine great deals. Don't do it if it's a pool emergency (or if you simply cannot wait another moment before getting back into the pool), but don't forget that there are lots of great deals on pool parts to be found online.

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