Pool Toys

Swimming pool toys are great for the young and old alike. Whether you purchase an air mattress to relax on, beach balls for a game of dodge ball or sporting kits you will surely find many great product choices online.

Beach balls are essential for all types of fun water activities. You will be amazed at the many color and sizes offered in beach balls today. They are a must have for any pool and are easy to take with you to the beach or to the cottage. Pool noodles are long floating noodle-shaped toys that are usually made of foam. They are offered in many bright colors and are great for many fun pool activities.

Large floatation devices have become the latest trend. There are many that are large and strong enough to hold several people. Whether you are looking for a floating island that resembles a tropical oasis, a space capsule or a fruit slice you'll find plenty of choices to amuse you!

There are numerous inflatable toys that are fun and useful, including dolphins and fish that are large enough to either sit on or swim around with. Inflatable jet skis which are similar to the large blow up animals also make a great pool toy.

For the beach or the pool, goggles are must have. Snorkel and fins are great accessories to complete the underwater diving set that is sure to be put to great use.

Pool ping pong comes equipped with paddles, a lightweight floating table with a net and balls that float. There are also football, basketball, golf and water polo sets available that can entertain the whole family. These games have been specially designed for the water and come equipped with balls, baskets, clubs, holes and nets. Most are very easy to set up in any type of pool and make for true water fun.

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