Waterfalls and Waterwalls

Water features are becoming more and more common in backyard pool designs. An inground pool can be designed to incorporate these features during construction, or you can add them later on to an older pool.

Pool waterfalls offer many benefits to a swimming pool. The sound of flowing water and the appearance of a waterfall will transform any pool into a relaxing backyard oasis.

There's no limit to the imaginative ways you can add waterfalls to your pool landscape. Here's a few popular waterfall designs:

  • Cascading over real or artificial rocks before trickling into the pool.
  • Flowing from a wall that is raised and decorated with colorful tiles or stones.
  • Spilling from an adjacent spa or hot tub as an effective way to unify the two spaces.

Waterwalls are created by allowing water to flow over a wall into some kind of containment or recycling area. The width and flow of a waterwall gives the visual appearance that you are looking at a piece of glass. Most flow from the top edge of the pool and can extend for the entire length of the pool's wall.

It is difficult to estimate the exact cost of a waterfall, although you can expect to start at $1,000+ for a custom design during pool construction, and $2,500+ for an add-on.

Waterfalls and waterwalls require skill and knowledge to build, so it's a good idea to hire an experienced professional to do the job!

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