Winter Pool Covers

Winter pool covers are often made of polyethylene or mesh-like material. Some look like a tarp and stop everything from entering the pool, while others are woven with tiny holes to the allow snow and water to drip through.

Winter pool covers that stop anything from getting into the pool may require pumping systems during the time of re-opening the pool or if the water or snow weight becomes excessive. Some people place leaf nets over this type of cover to help them separate the debris from the water. This will make the pool's opening a much easier process.

Winter pool covers made of solid materials can be kept in place by water-filled tubes that are placed around the pool's edge. For additional security, some also fasten the cover with hooks to the surrounding deck of an inground pool. Above ground winter pool covers often drape over the side of the pool and are secured in place by wiring and fasteners.

Winter pool covers can also be made of a durable mesh that protects the pool by stopping leaves and branches from falling in but by still letting water or snow pass through tiny holes. Some winter covers are solid but have mesh openings that allow water to drain in these specific areas. Most meshed systems are securely anchored to a surrounding deck.

An inground pool cover made of mesh can cost between $180-$700 depending on the shape, size and features of the pool. Inground solid covers range between $80 and $200 and above ground covers can cost between $35 and $150.

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